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The Revolution of Refreshment: Introducing OnlyDank’s THC Hemp Derived Terp & Hop Infused Seltzers

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Greetings fellow Dank lovers,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new line of OnlyDank THC hemp derived seltzers in collaboration with 8th Wonder Brewery and Bayou City Hemp! Brace yourself for an unprecedented wave of refreshment as we are all set to revolutionize the drink industry.

What sets our drink apart? It’s the world's first hemp-derived terp and hop infused drink with 20mg of THC, creating a unique taste, experience, and offering a whole bunch of Dankness in every sip. But that's not all! Our seltzers are a health-conscious choice too – with 0 carbs, 0 sugars, and 0 calories, you can enjoy the Dankness guilt-free!

This is not just a product. It's the result of our passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons of taste and refreshment. It's a testament to our commitment to bring you the best, most innovative beverages on the market. Our collaboration with 8th Wonder Brewery, a beer brewing maestro, and Bayou City Hemp from Houston, a leader in hemp cultivation, has blessed us with the perfect mix of expertise to make this drink possible.

The anticipation for this release is building up, and believe us when we say, the wait will indeed be worth it. We will soon announce the release date, so make sure to keep an eye on our updates.

We're not just launching a product; we're sparking a revolution. And revolutions are never quiet affairs. So, we encourage you to share this news with the world. Repost this blog, tell your friends, shout it from the rooftops – because the world of drinks will never be the same again.

Stay tuned, stay refreshed, stay Dank!

Remember, the future of refreshment is here, and it's OnlyDank.


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